This policy document is intended to provide the structure and expectations needed to create a ministry environment where all children can safely enjoy KIDZONE at Community Church. Thank you for partnering with us in this effort. 


    All children entering the KIDZONE classrooms are required to have a KidCheck name badge that is viewable.

    A guardian badge will be provided upon check-in and is required when picking up children. 


    An authorized guardian is required to check-in a child. Authorized guardians can be older siblings, but it’s recommended they be at least 13 years of age and they must be listed as an authorized guardian on the KidCheck account info and understand they are responsible for returning children safely to their parents.

    If the guardian that checks-in the child(ren) will not be picking up the child(ren), communicate to the referee.

    Please walk your child(ren) to their classroom to assure a safe arrival.

    Hot drinks are not permitted to be carried through the ministry area.

    Guardians must remain on church premises while their child(ren) attend KIDZONE. Children are not permitted to roam the church or be left alone in a classroom, foyer, office, or outside without guardian supervision. 


    • Any allergy or diet restrictions for a child should be noted in the check-in system and covered with a Classroom Coach at drop-off. An alert will be printed on the name badge and noted within the class roster list that is available for Coaches in each classroom after check-in. 


    • An authorized guardian with a KidCheck badge is required at check-out. Authorization can be confirmed with the referee if badge is not available. A name badge match (checking codes or icon) between the guardian and child(ren) will be done in the classroom, and a final check will be done by the referee at the hallway exit door. 


    KIDZONE hallway access during child(ren) pick-up time is restricted to KIDZONE team members and those with authorized guardian badges only.

    Given our limited hallway space and growing classroom sizes, we prefer to have one parent/guardian coordinate pick-up their child(ren). The main check-in/welcome area can serve as a waiting location for other family members.

    Guardians and child(ren) are to exit through the main hallway door and not the emergency exit at the end of the hall. An alarm will sound if the emergency exit is used.

    For child(ren) pick-up, please stand at the door and a coach will bring your child(ren) to you and confirm a match of their name badge and your guardian badge. 


    As a courtesy to our coaching staff, please be prompt in picking up your child(ren) immediately after the service.

    If only one child remains in the classroom for pick-up, the Coaches will escort the child to the downstairs KIDZONE check-in area to wait for parents.

    A KIDZONE team member is not authorized to provide a ride home to a child. 

  • Classroom Policy

    ANNUAL REGISTRATION: Classroom registration occurs once a year in September. Suggested ages are in place for each class, and the most appropriate class may be determined at the discretion of the Children’s Ministry leader.

    BADGES REQUIRED: A KidCheck name badge/sticker is required for all children in the classroom.

    TWO VOLUNTEERS IN ROOM: There should be two volunteers in each room at all times, and the ‘rule of two’ does apply to all child(ren) supervision procedures.

    BATHROOM PRACTICES: Bathroom assistance is to be handled by same gender when possible.

    RESPECT FOR COACHES: Children are required to be respectful to KIDZONE Coaches at all times. A child may not act in a way that communicates disrespect to any coach or trainer, either verbally, by gesture, in attitude or by action. Misbehavior consists of persistent talking, distracting others, not remaining in seats, not following instructions or directions, or interacting inappropriately with others in the class. The discipline procedure is as follows:

    The 1st offense = A verbal warning

    The 2nd offense = A classroom time-out

    The 3rd offense = A discussion with the Ministry Director and possible contact with parents. Parents will be notified of any offenses during service, after the service/at pick-up or via phone call later in the day.

    RESPECT FOR CLASSMATES: Children are also expected to maintain a high level of respect in their behavior towards their classmates. While there will be a greater tolerance with the younger children and toddlers, no child will be permitted to bite, hit or harm other children. Other inappropriate behavior includes belittling, mocking, laughing at, and name calling and may result in immediate removal from the class. If occurrences are common, the parent may be asked to attend the class with their child for a determined period of time. 

  • Healthy Policy

    During the cold and flu season, the KIDZONE Team provides participation guidelines to help ensure safer, healthier classrooms for all team members and children. A child may not participate in KIDZONE if he/she…

    • Has had a temperature of 100 degrees or above within the past 24 hours.

    • Has vomited in the past 24 hours.

    • Has a runny nose (thick, green or yellow mucous), chest congestion or cough (or any visible symptoms).

    • Has loose or runny stools. The only exception is if the child is using an antibiotic that has side effects.

    • Has a skin rash or open wounds that are suspected to be contagious.

    • Has chicken pox scabs.

    • Has lice.


    If a child comes to KIDZONE with any of these conditions or if one of the above conditions develops, a parent will be called to remove the child from the classroom. 

  • Volunteer Policy


    Each person applying to serve in KIDZONE must have attended Community Church for at least 3 months.


    The volunteer screening application is a prerequisite for serving in Children’s Ministry. There is an interview with the Ministry Director and then references are contacted.

    Background checks are performed for all volunteers and are run every 12-24 months for all volunteers.


    Adults who have been convicted of child (sexual or physical) abuse, or have a communicable disease are not permitted to serve in any church-sponsored activity or program for children.


    All volunteers are required to complete an online safety training program to protect against child abuse and teach appropriate volunteer behavior guidelines. Training for emergency situations is also provided.