Neighborhood Health Outreach

Saturday, February 10th in Milwaukee, WI

Overview of Services

City On A Hill in Milwaukee provides a multitude of services for impoverished people in their neighborhood, a short way west of downtown. One of the services is a monthly Health Outreach. While the medical services are provided by volunteers with medical training, a number of nonprofessional volunteers are needed to make the outreach work smoothly. Their tasks include registration, guest safety, food service, clerks at locations, escorting families, greeters, food pantry, and more.

Serving Opportunity

This opportunity is open to anyone with a desire to help others and the availability to spend a day doing just that on Saturday, February 10th. Release forms are required, and parental permission forms for volunteers under 18.

The team will be leaving Sturgeon Bay Community Church at 7:30 a.m. to caravan to Milwaukee for the day. 

We will return after the clinic is over and be back around 8:30 p.m. 

If you are interested in attending or have more questions, please contact:

Chuck Conger:, 715-741-1123

Don McKinnon:, 920-435-3883

More Info

For additional info about the serving event or on City On A Hill, please visit their website here