Community Students (grades 6-12)

Connect with God, Belong to a family that cares for and loves you, and Serve the world around you! 

Wednesday Nights 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

A typical Wednesday Night looks like this...

  • Fun - Part of Belonging to a great family is having fun together! Each week you can enjoy unique activities, and have the chance to simply relax with others. We'll also have some food on hand, just in case you haven't had anything to eat since lunch.
  • Learning - Find out how you can Connect with God by reading and understanding His love letter to us, the Bible.
  • Belonging - We will always end each learning session with a chance to talk about the things we've heard with a group of folks our own age. This will be your chance to ask the hard questions, find answers for what's been bugging you, or just ask for your church family to pray for you.
  • A Challenge to Serve - Each week will include a chance for you to make a decision that can change the world around you.

We look forward to seeing you here!

For Parents...


Community Students is led by a great team of adults who love your child almost as much as you do. Our whole team has passed criminal background checks, and has been chosen because of their passion for seeing your Student grow as a Christ-follower.

What We're Studying

Your Student will be going through a series that takes them through the entire Bible, constantly pointing towards the truth of the Gospel. 

Our Mission

The mission of Community Students is to develop each student as a Christ-follower who is actively seeking to transform their community by loving God and others.

How we plan on Accomplishing Our Mission

We will start by loving your student right where they are in their walk with God. Whether that means they are a spiritually curious agnostic or a devout believer who has believed since they were very young, everyone will be able to find a place among us. Not only that, no one will be expected to be perfect or sinless, but everyone will be challenged to overcome the sins in their life on a regular basis.

Our great team of leaders will make sure that your student enjoys their time here, and will also see to it that they hear clearly of the love of God, His desire to renew their life, and their need to trust Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord. Each week, these same great leaders will be praying with and for your student and also challenging them to make their faith meaningful in a new area of their life.

Your Student will have the chance to experience the full scope of Christian life, from worship and study to service and personal friendships, when they join us here at Community Students.

Ministry Contact

For any questions regarding the Student Ministry, please contact Matt Coyne, Here

Connect through the Student Ministry Facbebook Page, Here