There are two great ways to join Team KIDZONE – as an adult or as a youth. 

Either way, you are in for a fun journey of growth, fellowship and love for both you and the kids you are impacting for Christ. 

Read on to learn more and get in the huddle today!

Adult Team Members

Young, old or somewhere in between, adults of all ages can participate on Team KIDZONE. When joining, you will be partnered with a “Coach” that is already leading in one of the rooms. They will teach you everything you need to know and help you discover your perfect position on the team. Spots on the team roster include:

  • Coaches (room teachers) 
  • Assistant Coaches (room helpers) 
  • Arts and Crafts Coordinators
  • Pep Squad (worship) 
  • Referees (security staff) 
  • KID Personnel (leadership team)

Youth Team Members

Responsible youth are also welcome to join Team KIDZONE as “Trainers”. Trainers will be involved in activity setup and cleanup, free play with kids, providing encouragement to kids and modeling a good example for kids.

To join the team, youth must meet both of these qualifications:

1. Must be 12 years of age OR 10 years of age if on the team with your parent

2. Attend a youth KIDZONE training camp event to learn your role in successfully supporting the team

Get in the huddle today!

To apply as a volunteer for Team KIDZONE, contact the Ministry Leader

The online application link is Here